Rural Solutions Participates in Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

Posted on March 31, 2015 with 0 comments

Rural Solutions joins 43 state and national organizations in setting specific goals to encourage the adoption of health care payment that improve quality and decrease cost across our health system.

Last week Rural Solutions President and Executive Director, Morgan Dunn, participated in the kickoff of the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders committed to improving quality in healthcare and providing care cost-effectively. She had the following to share after her experience in working sessions with other participants representing all corners of the healthcare industry:

“This is an exciting time in the healthcare industry. A lot of change is happening for the good of patient care and for whole populations. Rural communities need representation in high-level discussions like this initial one about payment reform. Our communities are different; we rely on more non-physician practitioners for primary care, our populations may have more complex illnesses with fewer options for specialty care, and our providers are reimbursed differently. All of these issues need to be included in any plan to reform our payment system. We’re proud to be a voice for rural healthcare in the Learning and Action Network going forward.”

For a full list of partners with specific quality and cost goals click here:
Learn more about the goals of the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network here:

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